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Important Points to Visit on a Cyprus Holiday

Have you planned the perfect Cyprus holiday? In order to have a wonderful holiday, the details that need to be considered are the place to stay, transportation and a nice travel plan. The trip should be enjoyable and the places to see should be arranged in advance. The proximity of the places to be visited and the ease of transportation should be determined.First of all, you need to determine the region you will prefer during your Cyprus holiday.

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Places You Must See in Cyprus

During your Cyprus holiday, you can enjoy the wonderful bays, sea and beaches as well as visit historical places. You can both enjoy the sea and see historical places in Cyprus, which offers a wonderful sightseeing tour to all its visitors with its interesting architectures and natural wonders.

Blue Kiosk

Located in Kyrenia, Cyprus, the Blue Kiosk is one of the most visited structures. It fascinates visitors with its architecture and the interesting architecture of all its rooms. Each room of the mansion, which was specially built by Pablo Pavilides, the greatest arms smuggler and lawyer of those times, differs according to its intended use. There are confessional areas, and rooms where mafia meetings are said to be held.The colors and designs of the rooms are different from each other.The most striking part is that he killed the architect, who had the house built according to the details he wanted, just so that others would not learn the details.The pavilion, which also has a wonderful garden, is visited by many tourists.

Kyrenia Castle

Located in Kyrenia, Cyprus, the castle was built by the Byzantines. Made by King John Dibelin. The castle, which was used as a shelter during the war, was also used for the rest of the kings at other times. There is a church to visit in the castle, which impresses with its perfect view and magnificent architecture.It contains many different historical buildings.Dungeons and all other ruins, as well as the shipwreck museum, are located within the castle.

Sunken Ship Museum

The shipwreck museum, which is located in the Kyrenia castle, has the qualities that can be visited in Cyprus.It was discovered by a sponge collector in 1965.Aleppo pine was used in the construction of the hull of the ship.A large amount of carbonized almonds were found in it.The presence of remains such as wine and millstones, as well as food and beverage equipment for 4 people, shows that the ship proceeded with a crew of 4 people.The reason why it is the oldest ship found today is visited a lot on Cyprus trips.

places you must see in cyprus

Famagusta Walls

The historical beauties that come to mind when Cyprus is mentioned are of great importance. The walls of Famagusta, besides being quite high, attract a lot of attention with their thin structures. It was overhauled by an engineer brought from Venice in order to be protected in wars with the Venetians' capture of Cyprus. There are entrance gates and sea gates. Warehouses, stables and ramps are available, as well as arsenals. It is one of the must-visit places in Cyprus holidays.

Salamis Ruins

It is rumored that it was built by a prince named Salamis after the Trojan Wars in Ancient Greece. The oldest port of Cyprus is located here. Waves hitting the harbor are blocked by an artificial breakwater. There are also walls in the city and many people prefer it for photo shoots.This section, which is used as a gym and garden, was also used as a men's bath for a period. The theater, which is located in the city, has a stage and seating areas. It is decorated with columns and statues.The water cistern and the biggest basilica of Cyprus are also located in it. It contains many places to visit such as water tank, marketplace and temple.The ruins are located 6 km north of the city of Famagusta.

Ideal Country for All Sports Activities North Cyprus

If you are close to the beach and prefer to get wet, we suggest you take a look at our marine life page. The taste of exploring from the sharp terrain of Northern Cyprus's high Five Finger mountains and the special hiking areas on this land is another.With the support of a professional pilot, you can fly 800 meters from the top of the mountain with a breathtaking view and land safely with dual paragliding.

Dozens of Options for Everyone

The most prestigious golf courses of the island between the Mediterranean and the Beşparmak Mountains, surrounded by pine pines, harmup and olive trees that spread like umbrellas, are also the most beautiful country where you can play this sport with pleasure on these green grasses. You can choose an adventurous hike on your own, or you can cycle alone or in groups on the different routes of the island. You can see the history and untouched nature of the island on horseback, or you can go on an exciting safari with an ATV. Archery and clay pigeon hunting will also be waiting for you to try out your patience and how accurate you will be.There will definitely be paintball or go-kart racing to spend more time with your family.

Double Paragliding

An ideal opportunity to watch the breathtaking view of the island from the air, double paragliding, the main jumping places are at an altitude of eight hundred and fifty meters to the west of the castle of St. Hilarion in the Five Fingers mountains. If you want a lower and smoother flight, your choice should be Karpas Kumtepecikleri. Whether it's a scenic and calm flight or a high adrenaline flight, a suitable program will be prepared for you if you tell your flight instructor what you want. The pilot, who will be with you during the flight, will share all the necessary safety information with you and ensure a safe flight and landing.

Adrenaline Enthusiast of All Ages

The two-person parachute will be connected to the pilot, and the pilot will use the parachute safely during the flight. With an easy departure, the magnificent North Cyprus will be waiting for you below. There are some paragliding offices in the port of Kyrenia, flight days and times are adjusted according to the weather report. For this reason, it will be useful to arrange your place in advance. Video footage and photos will be taken during the flight and landing. There is a prejudice that this exciting activity is only done by young people. But adrenaline-loving people of all ages should experience paragliding. The record broken by the 104-year-old paraglider in the country is still in the Guinness Book of Records.

Discovering Nature with a Horse

Horseback riding in Cyprus is the best opportunity to have fun in its natural beauty. Three main riding clubs in Çatalköy, Karaoğlanoğlu and Kozan offer unique experiences in this regard. Apart from the basic riding lessons, historical tours are organized with a horse guide or hiking on the trails prepared to explore the untouched views from the top of the pine-covered mountains.

The Route is Defined to Discover Northern Cyprus

The route in the Beşparmak mountains, known as the Girne Mountains, is a unique way to explore Northern Cyprus. The walking route, which consists of different stages of two hundred and fifty-five meters, stretches from Cape Koruçam to Cape Zafer at the tip of the Karpaz Peninsula. You can wander around the peaks of the mountains, explore Northern Cyprus from one end to the other and enjoy the breathtaking view. Every bend along the route will offer you new beauties, magnificent nature and wildlife.

You will see the hospitality of the people up close

The hidden treasures of the island, the castles of the Crusades and the hidden temples will be unique surprises, and you will see the hospitality of the people closely as you pass through the villages. The Gahve break in the villages will allow you to see the respect of the Turkish Cypriots towards their guests. The Five Fingers route, which consists of rough slopes, challenging paths and impassable rocky hills, will present you the endemic plant species, natural diversity and wildlife of Northern Cyprus in complete contrast.

An Experience at World Golf Standards

Behind the eighteen-hole golf course of Northern Cyprus, the Beşparmak mountains are located in an area with a beautiful beach in front of it and among the greenery. The golf course in Esentepe, which is 20 minutes away from the city center of Kyrenia, has all the equipment that pleases amateur and professional golfers. Carefully planned from the forest filled with pine pine, carob and olive trees, the course has been prepared for you to experience a world-class golf experience.

Perfect For Cycling Enthusiasts All Year

With its perfect weather conditions, rough and challenging terrain, and beautiful scenery, the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus is the only country ideal for cycling enthusiasts all year round. Cycling enthusiasts will definitely love the island's 10 km of rugged cliffs and terrain character that rises uphill. They can either chart their own routes or follow the island's numerous bike trails. Whatever their preferences, they will witness magnificent landscapes, cities, cities and beaches waiting to be discovered along the way. Streams, forests, quiet villages, natural, cultural and historical places will be crossed on two wheels; They will encounter sweet surprises unexpectedly. Cycling enthusiasts can experience this pleasure with their own bikes or with bikes they can rent. If you want to bring your bike on your holiday, you can include the shipping cost in the tour price.

Northern Cyprus Seas

Surrounded by clear waters on all sides, Cyprus is a paradise for sea lovers. Your sea pleasure will never end with its clean beaches. Among the beaches we will recommend for you are Iskele Public Beach in the Iskele Region, in the Famagusta region; There are Glapsides Beach, Bedis Beach, Silver Beach.In the Karpas Region; Altinkum Beach, in the Kyrenia region; There are Alagadi Beach, Alsancak Beach and Diana Beach.

Cyprus Geographical Location

While Cyprus is known as the 3rd Big Island of the Mediterranean, it is located in the northeastern region. AIt is known that the distance between Anamur-Cyprus Koruçam cape is 64 km, and its distance from Greece is 770 km.In terms of many countries, it is in a strategic position due to its geographical location.

Cyprus Vegetation

The vegetation dominated by Cyprus is maquis vegetation. It consists of small trees and shrubs with an average size of 1-2 meters. There are trees such as wild olive, blackberry, Mediterranean laurel, sandalwood, oleander among the trees with maquis vegetation that can withstand arid conditions.The maquis vegetation forms a very dense web on the soil.

Official Language Turkish

There is no linguistic difference between the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus and the Republic of Turkey, whose official language is Turkish, but the only difference is dialect.The people of both countries do not have a problem of not understanding each other. Turkish is the official language in Northern Cyprus, but English, Russian and German are the most spoken languages in the country. It is taught in different languages, especially English, in Cyprus Schools.

Muslims And Non-Muslims Live Together

In the country, which is mostly Muslim, prayers are held in mosques, and there are also places of worship such as churches, chapels and synagogues.Because non-Muslims such as the Roman Catholic Church, the Anglican Church, the Greek Orthodox Church and the Jewish Community live in the country.In addition, citizens of different European countries live in the country permanently.